Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Tweet, Therefore I Am

In the essay I Tweet, Therefore I Am, by Peggy Orenstein, the author talks about how Twitter has changed her way of thinking. In part of my media essay I portrayed how I thought that people were too caught up in their online social networks and that more and more people spend a significant time out of the day to think of their next status update on Facebook. Well this essay is about the same topic, except with Twitter. I personally do not have a Twitter account, but I do think that it is having the same effect as Facebook. In the beginning of, I Tweet, Therefore I Am, Orenstein starts off with describing a summer day outside with her daughter, and how she would have fully present for the moment, but instead she was thinking about how that moment was the perfect opportunity for a tweet. Because of Twitter and Facebook, I think that people aren't completely all "there" when it comes to spending time face to face with others. Don't always think about your next status update or next tweet, because you might start to miss out on some significant moments.

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